Our most popular flooring can be installed in garages, restrooms, corridors, cafeterias, basements, ect… With a variety of colors we can customize each floor to meet your personal preference. Our flake floor system can be made to be slip resistant thus making wet areas safer to walk on. 

Our crew is well trained, equipped, and capable
​We are a specialty contractor that focuses on enhancing concrete. We do not pour any concrete. This company was founded with customer satisfaction in mind. We are committed to continually improve in any aspect of our business and create value for our customer beyond installing concrete coatings.

* Garage floor coatings
* Basement floor coatings
* Pool deck coatings
* Platinum metallic epoxy coatings
* Exterior coatings

* Seamless easy to clean floor coatings
* Concrete polishing
* Durable floor coating options
* Installation in as little as 1 day
* Trained & Certified Installers nationwide

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