We offer high performance, durable, strong, and chemical resistance V-8 floor coatings. Which will leave a stunning appearance in your workplace, home, garage, and basement. Our coatings are also easy to clean. We can install most products in one day.

Pic 5 HYbrid XT .jpg

Hybrid (Xtra Tough)

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HP Epoxy

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  • One day installation

  • UV resistant; will not yellow

  • Can be installed outdoors

  • No VOCs

  • Install down to 0 F (-17 C)

  • Industrial Strength 

  • Easy to Clean

  • Creates a seamless floor

  • 100% solids

  • High gloss

  • Great chemical resistance

  • Great abrasion resistance

  • Industrial strength 

  • Easy to clean

  • Creates a seamless floor

(Moisture vapor protection)

  • 100% solids 

  • Coat 24hr. old concrete

  • Designed to reduce moisture

vapor emission rate.​

See specifications. ​​

  • Industrial Strength